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This course covers digital media and audience acquisition for professionals and entrepreneurs looking to grow audience, customers, and profits. You will learn from a digital media veteran who is currently active in growing audience, e-commerce, and profits. The course will teach you how to diversity your paid marketing across multiple platforms and mediums, lowering your platform risk and increasing the sustainability of your business. Professor Martin (The New King of Digital Media-Ozy) has taken his experience and broken it down to 18 lectures to help you acquire the foundation to becoming a digital media and audience acquisition expert. Whether your monetization strategy is e-commerce, subscriptions, digital advertising, or a combination of the 3, this course covers all 3.


Class Curriculum

Section 1

  • De-Risking and Diversification
  • Buzzfeed vs NYT (A Hybrid Monetization Model)

Section 2

  • Paid Marketing: Optimize for Something
  • Custom Reporting and Goals in Google Analytics

Section 3

  • Pixels and Conversion Look Alikes
  • Using Emails and Lookalikes
  • Using Browser Subs and Look Alikes

Section 4

  • Facebook Audience Acquisition
  • Native Advertising: Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID
  • Twitter Audience Acquisition
  • Youtube Audience Acquisition

Section 5

  • LTV
  • Churn
  • Segmentation 101
  • Segmentation 102
  • New Lecture

Section 6

  • Digital Advertising 101
  • Digital Advertising 102


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